Boudoir Posing 101: A workshop by Kimberly Meadows {NSFW} Lexington Area Boudoir Photographer

On December 7th, 2015 Nick and I had the pleasure of attending the Kimberly Meadows Boudoir Posing Workshop in Newport, KY.
I must admit that I was really quite nervous for this one, Would my skills be up to snuff, What experience would my fellow classmates have, etc. ?
When we walked up to the A-Mazing Studio 821 in Newport I was in shock and awe! I had NEVER seen a studio so beautiful, so full of great props, and that oh so luscious natural light!

Upstairs front studio; Studio 821

Upstairs front studio; Studio 821

When we rounded the corner upstairs we met Kimberly and the rest of the participants of the workshop. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, we chit chatted for a few before we sat down and we all said what we had hoped to gain from the workshop. Kimberly was fantastic at answering everyone's questions and was very thorough with her answers. I learned a lot about the business of boudoir and the idea of offering the "Package deal" something that I had been wanting to implement but was never quite sure of the best way. 

After our Q&A we got right to the nitty gritty! Everyone was in their camera bag grabbing cameras and lenses.  Its always fascinating to me watching other photographers and the lenses they go for, I always want to go and ask everyone why are you using that lens? Just because I am totally curious! What types of shots are they getting with that, the depth of field and everything else. I also believe that the lens choice is part of each photographers style. It is a beautiful thing! :D

Our first model was Rhyan, I kind of fell in love with her Betty Page look. She had beautiful black hair the most perfect bangs and her eyeliner was spot on! Kimberly was very hands on and showing how just the slightest tweak can add or subtract 10 lbs. Here are some images of the lovely miss Rhyan:

After working with Rhyan we got to work with the amazing and beautiful Tynan! She had  the look that I have been wanting to work with but just hadn't found the right model yet.  From her Blonde Dreds, to her Clown Tattoo on her thigh was I totally digging it!
I was grateful that our models had different body types and that Kimberly showed us how to pose these girls to look amazing no matter what! Here are some pics of miss Tynan:

I think my favorite part of the whole work shop was the laughs that we had! It really eased was could have been a very awkward and tense four hours!

Kimberly is having another workshop in March, Nick and I are planning on attending and you should too! I've posted the link below if you are interested!

Until Next time!

Howard Family {Lexington Area Family Photographer}

Hi again!!
Let me stop for a second to tell you that I am seriously the luckiest photographer in the world. My clients are always so amazing to work with. That's true of my session with the Howard family, too!
I had the pleasure of shooting Kristina, Kevin and Cameron this spring for Cameron’s one year old and cake smash session.

I met up with them again, back in October at The Kentucky Horse Park and the weather was perfect for photo-taking. The leaves were the perfect colors of oranges and reds, the sun was shining it was the best a photographer could ask for. While the weather was fine, it was the Howard family that made this shoot such a treat. 



The Howard family consists of:

Donna who is a dental hygienist and loves to shop  

Keith who is a supervisor for attorney general’s office and loves to do yard work and spend time outdoors.

Kris is a missionary student in East Asia and loves to spend time outdoors and spend time with God.

Kevin is branch manager for 5/3 Bank that loves to travel.

Sweet Cameron loves making noises with his mouth, anything with wheels that he can push all over the house and farm animals. (He cracked me up, as the best way to get him to smile was to sing the LAFAYETTE High School cheer!)

Kristina loves shopping, traveling anyplace with a warm climate, and snuggling with my baby boy =)

“We enjoy laughing and having a good time together no matter what we are doing.” says Kristina.

As you can see from the comments above and the photos below, this family is not only photogenic, but also a close-knit group who clearly love spending time together. Donna, Keith, Kris, Kevin, Cameron and Kristina are lucky to have each other.


Check out the photos below!


I am so bad at blogging!

OK Confession time. I am so, so bad at blogging I really want to be this person who blogs everyday with really interesting fun stuff, but I'm not. So lets play catch up shall we?

I'll be posting a few of my favorite sessions from the Summer, there were so many great ones its going to be hard to choose!

The goings on in my life include celebrating 10 years of marriage, losing both of my doggies, and a Disney trip! (I guess we will do it like a critique a bad thing sandwiched in between two good things :)) 

Below are just a few sneak peaks of the blog posts to come in the next few weeks. Plus a big announcement and Holiday minis!!  

An Amazing Opportunity! - Dreams and Fairytales at the McGee House

Well, well its about time huh? 

Today I want to tell you all about the absolutely amazing workshop I attended a few weeks ago. I had the privilege of attending the Dreams and Fairytales workshop at the McGee House in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The workshop was hosted by the A-Mazing Lukas and Suzy VanDyke and Kristen Booth. I feel like I learned so much on the business side as well as behind the camera.

First of all let me tell you about the McGee House! 

McGee House, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

McGee House, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

This gorgeous house was built in the 1800's and is the perfect venue for a small wedding or any type of shoot! The interior is decorated so perfectly and matches the outside to a "T".  To the right of the house is a cabin that was built in the 1700's and was just beautiful.  The land was incredibly lush and green, I secretly wanted to just go a roll in the grass like my sweet dog, fitz.  We were shooting at the "golden hour" around 7:00 pm, and had the most amazing lighting.

Lukas, Suzy and Kristen just blew my stereo types of "L.A. People" out of the water. They were genuinely happy to be there and really wanted to help us as photographers reach the next level and succeed not only in the business but in our lives as well.  

The other photographers in the workshop were just great! I loved getting to talk to them, it was wonderful how we were all in different stages of the business, some just starting out and some who have been in the photo world for years! We enjoyed laughs and hopes and dreams of what we wanted to do in this business.  (I know that sounded cheesy LOL)

Now since I am the most short winded person you will ever meet I will present you with the images from this (in the words of the 9th Doctor) FANTASTIC! Day.

Cory & Steven Wilkes, Our fabulous Couple

Cory & Steven Wilkes, Our fabulous Couple

Abby, Our incredible Bride.

Abby, Our incredible Bride.



Warm Season Fashion Guide

In the next few posts we will be highlighting some ideas on what to wear for your photo session!
This is one of our most beautiful, modern fashion guides yet. Based on color authority Pantone®‘s warm season color report for 2014 fashions, this deliciously minimal guide offers eight simple outfits to keep you looking and feeling cool in the sunlight. You won’t have to look far to piece these great looks together - they’re comprised of solid-color basics that can be found in a single shopping trip.

Sydney {Lexington Area Child Photographer}

Today I have a real treat for you, which comes in the form of Miss Sydney. You can tell from the pictures that this kiddo is a sweet heart.

We met up at Kennydid Studio in Midway, KY, which I love because of the tall arched windows with northern exposure, the exposed brick walls,  and the exposed beam ceiling, this 1880′s building has tons of charm.

As you can see, Sydney's parents, have a lot to be proud of.

Sweet, Sweet Joey! {Lexington, Ky Child Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing Mr. Joey on the occasion of his first birthday! I first met Joey at 3 days old when I took his newborn photos. I have had the pleasure of watching this little baby grow this year! I love this kid, he is always all smiles and just the sweetest little boy! We shot this session in the clients back yard, it was perfect! I love watching these kiddos grow!

We also did a cake smash session! These are by far one of my most favorite things to shoot!!