McKenzie Dove Artist Headshots {Lexington Kentucky Headshot Photographer}

Whoo Hoo two blog posts in one day! Write it down y'all.
Here in another session we did back in July. This time Head shots for McKenzie Dove. An amazing artist, she was so sweet and so talented. She invited us into her home to see and photograph not only her but a few of her pieces. If you are interested in seeing more of her work or ordering a piece check out her web site here:

Urban Ballerina Series {Lexington Area Photographer}

So, as you may know I was a dancer in a former life. It was a passion of mine from age 2 and really still is. I was competitive mostly in Tap until I was around 16 years old. Anyway ever since I got into photography I have wanted to do an Urban Ballerina series. Even tried to do one as a final project in college. (Models were hard to find in Lexington in 2003!) Well last Monday I finally had the opportunity with the beautiful Molly. Molly is a classically trained Russian ballet dancer from Louisville.  Images were taken in Downtown Lexington and on the University of Kentucky campus.