Model: Alyssa Alexander {Lexington Kentucky Model Photographer}

This is one from last spring, when ever I want to try another type of photography, I love giving Alyssa a call. She is so professional and SO talented! She is a great role model for positive body image! Check out her Instagram @alyssaalexander_88

For this shoot I wanted to try something airy, romantic, and a little whimsical.

Howard Family Fall 2015 {Lexington Area Family Photographer}

What can I say about this charming family? Kristina and I went to high school together (we wont talk about how long ago that was) We reconnected over Facebook and since have done three shoots together! I love working with her and Kevin and their adorable son!!  Take a peak at the awesomeness we were able to capture!

Sometimes airplanes disrupt our sessions ;)

Christmas Mini Sessions Are Here!!

I know I know its only October!! I feel the same. But Christmas will be before we know it!
If you are interested in a booking a mini, head on over to our mini page here.

This morning I headed into the Studio to try out the set for the minis with my son.  Below are some of the images we got. I am quite happy with them!
Hope you enjoy! Book soon so you don't miss out!!!

Urban Ballerina Series {Lexington Area Photographer}

So, as you may know I was a dancer in a former life. It was a passion of mine from age 2 and really still is. I was competitive mostly in Tap until I was around 16 years old. Anyway ever since I got into photography I have wanted to do an Urban Ballerina series. Even tried to do one as a final project in college. (Models were hard to find in Lexington in 2003!) Well last Monday I finally had the opportunity with the beautiful Molly. Molly is a classically trained Russian ballet dancer from Louisville.  Images were taken in Downtown Lexington and on the University of Kentucky campus.


Lemonade Stand Minis!!

We brought back a favorite from a few years ago! I love the lemonade stand, it's a spring/summer classic! We were back at Shillito Park in Lexington, always a great place to shoot.
The kiddos and the families were so much fun to work with.

For the First time I even got my little boy in on the action! He loved it!

Here are a few other images of our families that we shot that day!  Thank you so much for making it an amazing day!!


An Amazing Opportunity! - Dreams and Fairytales at the McGee House

Well, well its about time huh? 

Today I want to tell you all about the absolutely amazing workshop I attended a few weeks ago. I had the privilege of attending the Dreams and Fairytales workshop at the McGee House in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The workshop was hosted by the A-Mazing Lukas and Suzy VanDyke and Kristen Booth. I feel like I learned so much on the business side as well as behind the camera.

First of all let me tell you about the McGee House! 

McGee House, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

McGee House, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

This gorgeous house was built in the 1800's and is the perfect venue for a small wedding or any type of shoot! The interior is decorated so perfectly and matches the outside to a "T".  To the right of the house is a cabin that was built in the 1700's and was just beautiful.  The land was incredibly lush and green, I secretly wanted to just go a roll in the grass like my sweet dog, fitz.  We were shooting at the "golden hour" around 7:00 pm, and had the most amazing lighting.

Lukas, Suzy and Kristen just blew my stereo types of "L.A. People" out of the water. They were genuinely happy to be there and really wanted to help us as photographers reach the next level and succeed not only in the business but in our lives as well.  

The other photographers in the workshop were just great! I loved getting to talk to them, it was wonderful how we were all in different stages of the business, some just starting out and some who have been in the photo world for years! We enjoyed laughs and hopes and dreams of what we wanted to do in this business.  (I know that sounded cheesy LOL)

Now since I am the most short winded person you will ever meet I will present you with the images from this (in the words of the 9th Doctor) FANTASTIC! Day.

Cory & Steven Wilkes, Our fabulous Couple

Cory & Steven Wilkes, Our fabulous Couple

Abby, Our incredible Bride.

Abby, Our incredible Bride.